Increase the registration fee for non-EU students

This note was published in the French 5 March of 2015 right here:

The fee payable by a non-EEA national student (European Economic Area) to obtain a master, in most Flemish universities, will increase from the academic year 2015-2016. The cabinet of the Flemish Minister of Education Hilde Crevits stressed that the decision to increase this fee returns in recent years the universities themselves.

It is the academic journal of the KU Leuven, Veto which revealed that the registration fee would increase in several faculties for non-nationals students of the European Economic Area.

“The growing number of non-national students EEA deserves special attention in terms of coaching, habits and tips. Some faculties have decided that increase”, said Jan Raeymaekers, responsible for organization of courses at the University of Leuven. He stressed that “this increase is not intended to fill holes in the budget.”

The international prestige of the universities also plays a role. “Comparing with other universities in the world, home, the relationship between price and quality is particularly good.
But some foreign students feel that the cheap education can not be good”.

January Raeymaekers added that this increase will be phased and that variations are possible for students coming for example from third world countries.

KU Leuven is not the only Flemish university to take this decision. At the University of Antwerp, UAntwerpen registration fees will also rise for non-European students for a series of English Masters. The same applies in Hasselt at UHasselt.

At the VUB by cons, the registration fee will remain the same during the next academic year. “The university has deliberately kept the price because often students from disadvantaged countries”, said the spokesman of the VUB Sicco Wittermans. “Access to education remains something very important to us.”

As for the UGent, Ghent University has not yet made a decision but will do so in the coming weeks.

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