Increased tuition fees at KU Leuven in 2019

This is a complete list of all the programmes with the increased tuition fees at KU Leuven. 79 programmes have increased tuition fees.

Regular fees

€ 922.3
(full-time registration)

All the programmes that do not appear in the “special registration fees” list charge this regular fee.

Special Registration Fees

ProgrammeStudents that pay increased feesNormal feeNon-EEA fee% Extra: non-EEA fee over normal fee Ratio: non-EEA fee over normal fee% Extra: programme fee over regular 922,30 € fee Ratio: programme fee over regular 922,30 € fee
RAll the other programmesNone922,30 €922,30 €0 %1,0x0 %1,0x
1MNM Master of Forensic OdontologyAll8.500,00 €8.500,00 €0 %1,0x822 %9,2x
2MNM Master of Laws (LLM)All6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
3MNM Master of Space StudiesAll6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
4MNM Master of Conservation of Monuments and SitesAll6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
5MNM Master of Human Settlements (ICP)All6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
6MNM Master of Urbanism and Strategic PlanningAll6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
7MNM Master of Safety EngineeringAll6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
8MNM Master of Innovative Health TechnologyAll6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
9MNM Master of Science in Specialised Oral Health CareAll6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
10MNM Master of DeglutologyAll6.000,00 €6.000,00 €0 %1,0x551 %6,5x
11MNM Master of European Politics and PoliciesAll3.500,00 €6.000,00 €71 %1,7x279 %3,8x
12Master of Biomedical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
13Master of Chemical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
14Master of Engineering: Computer ScienceNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
15Master of Electrical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
16Master of Engineering: EnergyNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
17Master of Materials EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
18Master of Mathematical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
19Master of Mechanical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
20Master of Nanoscience and NanotechnologyNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
21Master of Engineering: Logistics and TrafficNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
22Bachelor of Engineering TechnologyNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
23Preparatory programme: Master of Engineering Technology: Biochemical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
24Preparatory programme: Master of Engineering Technology: Chemical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
25Preparatory programme: Master of Engineering Technology: Electromechanical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
26Preparatory programme: Master of Engineering Technology: Electronics and ICT EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
27Master of Engineering Technology: Biochemical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
28Master of Engineering Technology: Chemical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
29Master of Engineering Technology: Electromechanical EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
30Master of Engineering Technology: Electronics and ICT EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
31Master of Civil Engineering TechnologyNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
32European Master of Food Science, Technology and business (nieuwe inschrijvingen)Non-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
33Master of Bioscience Engineering: Agro- and Ecosystems EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
34Master of Bioscience Engineering: Human Health EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
35Master of BioinformaticsNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
36Master of Bioscience Engineering: Cellular and Genetic EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
37Master of Biomedical SciencesNon-EEA922,30 €6.000,00 €551 %6,5x0 %1,0x
38MNM Master of Global HealthAll4.130,00 €4.130,00 €0 %1,0x348 %4,5x
39MNM Master in European Social SecurityAll3.500,00 €3.500,00 €0 %1,0x279 %3,8x
40MNM Master in het VennootschapsrechtAll3.500,00 €3.500,00 €0 %1,0x279 %3,8x
41MNM Master in Intellectual Property and ICT LawAll3.500,00 €3.500,00 €0 %1,0x279 %3,8x
42MNM Master in de FiscaliteitAll3.500,00 €3.500,00 €0 %1,0x279 %3,8x
43MNM Master of Financial and Actuarial EngineeringAll3.500,00 €3.500,00 €0 %1,0x279 %3,8x
44MNM Master of Artificial IntelligenceAll3.500,00 €3.500,00 €0 %1,0x279 %3,8x
45Master in de Europese studies: transnationale en mondiale perspectievenNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
46Master of European Studies: Transnational and Global PerspectivesNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
47Master of Cultural StudiesNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
48Master of Western LiteratureNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
49Master of Linguistics and Literature: EnglishNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
50Master en langue et littérature françaisesNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
51Master of HistoryNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
52Master of International PoliticsNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
53Master of Communication Sciences: Digital Media and SocietyNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
54Bachelor of PhilosophyNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
55Abridged Bachelor of PhilosophyNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
56Master of PhilosophyNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
57Research Master of PhilosophyNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
58Abridged Research Master of PhilosophyNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
59Master of Sustainable Territorial DevelopmentNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
60Master of ArchitectureNon-EEA922,30 €3.500,00 €279 %3,8x0 %1,0x
61MNM Master of Advanced Studies in EconomicsAll1.750,00 €1.750,00 €0 %1,0x90 %1,9x
62MNM Master of Cultures and Development StudiesAll1.750,00 €1.750,00 €0 %1,0x90 %1,9x
63MNM Master of Digital HumanitiesAll1.750,00 €1.750,00 €0 %1,0x90 %1,9x
64MNM Master of Welding EngineeringAll1.750,00 €1.750,00 €0 %1,0x90 %1,9x
65MNM Master of BioethicsAll1.750,00 €1.750,00 €0 %1,0x90 %1,9x
66MNM Master of Medieval and Renaissance Studies (on hold)All938,80 €1.750,00 €86 %1,9x2 %1,0x
67Bachelor of Business AdministrationNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
68Preparatory programme: Master of Business AdministrationNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
69Preparatory programme: Master of International Business Economics and ManagementNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
70Bridging programme: Master of Business AdministrationNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
71Master of Business AdministrationNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
72Master of International Business Economics and ManagementNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
73Master of EconomicsNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
74Master of Business EconomicsNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
75Master of Business EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
76Master of Information ManagementNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
77Master of Business and Information Systems EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
78Master of Actuarial and Financial EngineeringNon-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x
79Master of Law (Double degree with University of Zürich)Non-EEA922,30 €1.750,00 €90 %1,9x0 %1,0x

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