Polls about the tuition fees at KU Leuven

This is an updated list of the current polls being made at KU Leuven regarding the topic of the increase of the tuition fees for non European students.


STURA general survey about the tuition fees for non-EEA students:
March 2019 – May 2019
All the students of KU Leuven can answer the poll.
Analysis of the poll at STUDENTEN XYZ: https://www.studenten.xyz/the-stura-poll-about-the-tuition-fees-in-ku-leuven/

Past polls

NFK poll about the increased tuition fees for non-EEA students at the Institute of Philosophy.
Link sent by e-mail to the students.
December 2018
Only the students of the Institute of Philosophy can answer the poll.
Results: More than 70% of the students surveyed opposed the tuition fees increase for non-EEA students.

Email sent by the Institute of Philosophy to their students announcing the tuition fees increase on 18 July 2018

This email was sent to all the students of the Institute of Philosophy on 18 July 2018, informing them about the increase of tuition fees, with the particular aim at keeping them calm explaining them that the increase would only affect new students.

TUITION FEES 2018-2019 Like many European universities and many KU Leuven programmes, the Institute of Philosophy will have different tuition fees for EEA and non-EEA students as from 2018-2019. The regular KU Leuven tuition fees apply for EEA citizens. The tuition fee for non-EEA citizens will be 3500 Euro. Under certain conditions partial tuition waivers will be granted to non-EEA students.There is a 5-years transitional period for students who are currently studying at the Institute of Philosophy. If you are a non-EEA student and you re-register for the same or another programme at the Institute of Philosophy, you will not pay the increased tuition fee but the same fee as EEA students. For more information, see: https://hiw.kuleuven.be/eng/programmes/reregistrationprocedure

Tuition fees for international students to be tripled at Institute of Philosophy

Originally published on 19 march 2018 in English at:

Extra funds would be used for better personal coaching

The English programme at the Institute of Philosophy is set to become more expensive for international students. The extra money would be reinvested in better coaching.

Non-European students who are planning to start their BA of MA at the Institute of Philosophy next year, will have to dish out extra money in order to do so. The Institute, it has been revealed, will be raising the tuition fee from the standard 906 euro to a whopping 3.500 euro. A remarkable and even unprecedented decision within the initial bachelor and masters programmes at KU Leuven. Continue reading Tuition fees for international students to be tripled at Institute of Philosophy

How KU Leuven changed my perspective on the value of education

Originally published in English on 11 February 2014, at

BY SHEILA PHAM. It’s cost me more than $20,000 to complete two undergraduate degrees and a masters in Australia, which I’ve gradually paid off. To me, this didn’t actually seem too expensive for a good quality education. But after studying at KU Leuven for a semester, my ideas about the cost of a university education have been deeply challenged.

This piece was written by Erasmus student Sheila Pham. She blogs at ‘Elephant Woman‘. She tweets at @birdpham.

Continue reading How KU Leuven changed my perspective on the value of education