The increased tuition fees at the KU Leuven Association in 2019

This is a list of the members of the KU Leuven Association, and the tuition fees that they charge to non-European students (non-EEA).

60 ECTSNormal feeHighest fee only for non-EEA+% ExtraRatio: non-EEA fee over normal feeSource
KU Leuven922,30 €6.000,00 €+551 %6,5x
LUCA School of Arts938,80 €6.597,60 €+603 %7,0x
Odisee922,30 €922,30 €+0 %1,0x
Thomas More University of Applied Sciences938,80 €6.100,00 €+550 %6,5x
UCLL938,80 €938,80 €+0 %1,0x
VIVES University of Applied Sciences 922,30 €4.999,80 €+442 %5,4x

Only UCLL and Odisee have not increased their tuition fees:

“We value every UCLL student and do not want to discriminate based on the student’s background, nationality, age, … That is why we apply the same tuition fee rate for all students”.


The other universities have decided to give a different treatment to the non European students.

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